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There is no right or wrong when it comes to aming. Everyone is unique, not some hidden secret to good aim, everything from your body to sensory response and cognitive functions. Fortunately for some people they will always and always be better at this. Aiming on its own will not make you a better player but it sure helps to hit a target spot on faster and faster. This is basically the key of aiming, being on target and accurately firing your gun faster than your opponent. With all this said there are some guidelines to follow when it comes to aiming, everything from frame rate, field of view, sensitivity in game and your DPI/CPI on your hardware (gaming mouse) and not to forget your Monitor(refresh rate response time). All this combined, whatever settings you settle on will be the foundation of practising your muscle memory doing changes from one pvp match to the next will never allow your brain to adapt to the new settings. Whatever mouse and grip that fits you stick to it, one mistake I made in my earlier days was that I thought that hardware and settings could just tune in my aiming and I would be so much better by trying to find the sweet spot. Later on I realized this is only part of the truth to improve aiming. I can say “the one” and the single most important factor to get better is to practice. Nothing ever really happens unless you practice anything from fly fishing casting to moving a cursor on your screen or swinging a bat. My recommendation for any fps shooter is to keep your dpi somewhere between 400-1600 and tune in game sensitivity accordingly for more accurate shots. There is no magic here, it is completely up to you. What is important to remember is that every time you change your settings you will have to relearn muscle memory, this is the reason for people to stick by their settings, muscle memory gives you confidence you do movement out of memory not active thinking. Shots need to be made within milliseconds and there is simply no time to think. There is a whole science behind this and plenty of guides and they will tell you differently and the person on youtube they will give you hints and guides and then it comes “ whatever makes you getting better”. So there it is, the answer is stick within the recommended settings, find your sweet spot and then keep at it. After a considerable amount of time you can start to fine tune your settings to get closer to where you are comfortable. If every human being had the exact same hardware height and length of arms space for a mouse pad then yes one setting would be a global solution. My setting in Destiny 2 is Windows 6 out of 11 1200DPI 3 in the game. I used to have a 7 for ADS multiplier but no longer run on a solid 10 or previously 1.0. I thought i would be more accurate with a lower ADS sense but it showed that i was only fooling myself into thinking so. Having the same sense through and through has aided my muscle memory throughout the course of a gun fight. And the good thing if i happen to play another shooter besides Destiny 2 my sense will be relatively the same without an ADS modifier. Another thing that happened was that I tricked my brain in to be “more accurate in ADS” so my hip firing was a little bit off. After a good amount of time in Destiny 2 I got more accurate overall. I’m tracking targets better with sniper, auto rifle, hand cannon or shotgun.

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