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Embodiments Of Light Light, in the beginning, merely had elemental afflictions typically induced by god-knows-what, suspected to just be the fundamental building blocks of reality, it had no personality, no direction nor sentience. Until the Traveler made Ghosts, and those Ghosts made Risen. Sentient lifeforms granted the full ranges of Light itself, the once dormant terraforming properties of The Light, being that of Sol, Arc and Void gained entirely new ranges within themselves, wielded to their full extremities. The Void’s Voice The Void’s Voice is a disembodied voice constructed out of audibly infinite others, sounding fragmented and shattered with a feminine overtone to all of it. It speaks typically weird and nonsensically to most, but certain people can discern the messages and communications of The Void more intricately. The visual appearance of this ‘entity’ is that of a featureless woman, bearing a dress made out of glass-like silk. The ‘realm’ of Void is that of ever-moving sand with no friction, skies of uncontrollable energies. But the true form of this entity is nothing, everything, and something so unimaginably incomprehensible and indecipherable that not even I can properly write it in this document. The Void is nothing, but it derives from the concepts of what isn’t real, being that of Stress, Depression, PTSD, etcetera etcetera. Those who bear Void bear unimaginable pain, but the Void lingers it, soothes it and removes it from your mind, utilizing your own pain for your own gain. (To be extended) The Dragon Of Sol The Dragon Of Sol is a Dragon, obviously. It speaks with honor and decision, wishing those who bear it to grant their flames to their truest form. The voice is that of a single man or woman, filled with Fury, Rage, and incredible Pride, those who hear the compliments of a Dragon are the ones who can bear their wings permanently. The visual appearance of this ‘entity’ is that of a formless Dragon, always carrying wings that drip with Sol-Light and a menacing head, claws that can dig into the depths of practically anything. The realm of Sol is that of eternal flame, yet clearings exist in the middle of it all, wherein one can find the Dragon between scorching heats. Their gaze is to be met with equal intensity and strength, or else you’ll be eaten by the flames. The Sol is fury, rage, anger, all that is fuel for retribution and revenge. It is the flames that will burn down forests, set your enemies into cinders and burn the Dark into nothing but ash, yet it is also the comforting flames in the midst of a Blizzard, the last remaining vestige of Light in a realm consumed by Dark. Those who bear Sol are those who wish to protect, to always be greater than what they were before, to endure the scorching heat, to sustain a flame beyond all else. (To be extended.) The Living Storm The Living Storm is a humanoid entity bearing a large cloak, with a metallic helmet equipped onto themselves. They speak slowly and carefully with wisdom dripping off every letter, being the very incarnation of Power, their voice is booming and loud, and once you hear it, you’ll listen to what they say. The visual appearance of this ‘entity’ has a worn black-fur cloak, tattered near the bottom left with a mild outreach on the bottom right, their torso and main body hidden as their legs are covered with a Knight-ish armor, the head carrying a similar scape. The Realm of Arc is that of a cave, mist coveting the lands as the ‘entity’ sits within the middle. One can merely walk up to them and sit, remaining silent and enjoying the atmosphere, those who accept this nature are granted the ability to speak to the Embodiment, but those who try to interrupt the sanctity of the realm are struck down with Lightning. The Arc is Wisdom, Power, Acceptance and Patience. It is the electricity that flows within the Last City, granting everyone the power to see. It is the storm that can ravage towns and eradicate armies. It is the most brutal form of Raw Power, those who bear it being capable of great feats, whatever they may be. (To be extended)

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