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Nobody quite knows what The Traveler is, and nobody at Bungie or any other official source has told us what it really does, or any of its countless intentions, however we do know a certain few things about the floating orb in the sky.

-The Timeline-

The Traveler existed far before they entered into our universe, being despised by the Hive since long before. Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War, slaughtered a presumably unknown species of which The Traveler had assisted.

As for us, the timeline is substantially different. The Traveler was found on mars during expeditions, and it brought forth a Golden Age that granted us technologies unknown, understandings that would have taken years without the Traveler to learn. It brought the rise of BrayTech and numerous other companies into existence. However…

-The Collapse-

The Collapse occurred, the ancient enemies of The Traveler came into our solar system and ravaged everything in ways we never could’ve anticipated, it knocked out The Warmind, RASPUTIN, killing millions in the process of trying to defend against it. It knocked out the Traveler, and left us generally defenseless, however this caused something new to arise. Something that hasn’t really existed before this.


Ghosts, sentient machines with personalities that can revive the dead and choose a ‘Risen’, or a ‘Lightbearer’. These were made by the Traveler to defend humanity, and to fight the countless evils that endanger it, because the Traveler can’t fight by itself anymore, nor can it properly move anymore.

-The Light (this is where shit gets custom)-

“The Light, it exists in all places, in all things. You can trap it, even try to claim it, but the Light, and the Traveler, will find its way.”

The Light is an extradimensional energy source that is channeled through entities like ‘The Traveler’, capable of reviving the dead and causing intensive genetic improvements. When Lightbearers were made, it allowed an uncanny truth to be revealed within it, the fact that The Light could be used as an incredibly effective tool of murder.

The Revival Process has had countless confusions over the years. How can a bearer self-trigger a revive and how do secondary/assisted revives work? The general answer is that the self-trigger of a prepared revive is done by the Ghost and not the dead Guardian. The Secondary/Assisted revives function beacuse the person assisting is channeling light into the dead Guardian’s ghost. The way any of this works, the way that Ghosts can somehow take you back from the Death, is by the fact that The Light connects directly to your Soul. It stops you from passing onto the next realm or veil, it simply keeps you within the mortal realm, and constructs a new vessel for you to enter into. As for how Ghosts make bodies… The Light can terraform, like the Traveler did. It isn’t bloody rocket science.

As for the Light itself, there’s a significant issue with how people see it. The Light doesn’t have boundaries, the Light doesn’t have classes, The Light doesn’t have anything that says EXACTLY how it works. It all relies on psychological inputs and the fact that The Light can, in some mannerism of speech and also quite literally, ‘read’ your soul. Elements trigger based on who you are as a person, meaning that certain elements are stronger and more in-tune, meanwhile others are weaker and less in-tune.

The Light’s Sol, is typically taken through prideful mannerisms, Rage, Willpower, Fury, Protection, so on and so forth. It’s ‘embodiment’, the sentience that resides deep within these flames, takes the imagery of a Dragon, quite literally. Just as the flames can burn down forests, engulf cities and the ravenous heat of Volcanoes, it can also crackle as a campfire, a comforting heat in the dead of cold, and the very reason why you can see within the endless Darkness.

The Light’s Arc, is typically associated with Respect, as it is Power in truth, the most brutal form of it all in the way of Thunder and Electricity, energy itself in the most purified form. Respect, Wisdom, Control, so on and so forth. The ‘embodiment’ of Arc is a sensation, one of extreme calm, but also extreme power, it takes no imagery. Just as electricity can be in the form of uncontrollable thunderstorms, bolts of lightning that vanquish entire trees and cars, apart of storms incomprehensible, it is also the electricity that passes through all of our technology, it is the power that gives us comfort, and the very reason why no matter the power of our enemies, Arc will always be there as a controlled storm, protecting us for all we are worth.

The Light’s Void, is… Nothing. It are feelings and sensations that only exist out of a contradictive state of mind. The Void is stress, anxiety, fear, depression, PTSD, it is everything and nothing, and in the same period, it removes everything that the Void condones. The Void eradicates feelings of helplessness. The Void’s ‘embodiment’ is not anything physical, but billions upon billions of shattered voices, all whispering and speaking in one single term. Just as The Void grants you an ease of mind, it also grants you the lack of control. Brutal energies that cannot be contained or understood, and without any proper or known limitation, The Void is the Dark within our own Light, the shade created by it all, and Traveler save us from what secrets it will reveal of the Light, and everything else.

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